Former Catholic farmers market seeks retirement plan

I really like hitting up the farmers market for produce. Maybe it’s the Catholic in me but for whatever reason when I miss it, it’s like the whole next week is shot. Dude, I know if I don’t get to buy local/ organic produce for next week I will survive but it does give me that whole GOD DAMN feeling. The feeling that this is reason 510 you are failing at being a grown up. Well that and I’m probably not putting enough into retirement. But I’m really counting on being Gen X and growing up with too much plastic and McDonalds to kill me at 75. So I should be okay, right?

This poor little brown girl has come up in the world so I get to write these first world problem type posts. There should be a hashtag there but I don’t tweet. I just enjoy throwing the phrase hashtag around to keep up with the bebes.

There’s so much to do today but really I just want to make out, lay around, and maybe try out a new recipe for dinner. I am dreading my 5pm ish run but I gotta keep the thirties at bay. I’m already on track to be the super old mom at kindergarten (whenever that is) so I need to keep this booty together!!

Alright, well go enjoy your fresh and local apples. All you jerks that have your ish together. I will just drink this processed coffee that is killing me but hey it’s factored into my retirement plan.

The lbg living it up in her first world lifestyle



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