Pie, Donuts, and little Mexican Grandmas

As I gorged myself on Halloween goodies yesterday I began to think that I really need to bring back some sort of physical activity and kale  into my lifestyle.

My breakfast started out innocently enough with a coffee and blueberries. But some evil person brought in apple pie. The nerve! So of course breakfast pie is just like frittata. Around 10ish another awful person showed up with donuts! One chocolate old fashioned won’t kill me right? Plus donuts are a serious weakness for me. I must have been a cop in a past life.

Lunch was not packed which equals a major fail on my part and lead to a burger (only half), fries (2/3), and hummus. Yes, hummus. This place near campus makes their own hummus (it’s a burger/middle eastern place) and dipping fries into hummus is like heaven. Try it, you’ll never go back.

After that it was just a free for all as I tried to make it through the crazy workday. Today I worked from home so I could help out my Mom. My fabulous yet out of control Grandmother is on the mend so as any good Mexican daughter would do I came down to the SJ to help out.  I AM EXHAUSTED. Crazy old Mexican Grandma -1 and little brown granddaughter – 0.  I woke up last night three times to check/help the troublesome little Grandma and was super tired this morning. NO IDEA how if/when I have my own bebes that whole not sleeping thing works. I have a brand new respect for people that work from home and attempt to also take care of small children or unruly old people. It’s crazyness!

I cannot wait to have a beer later tonight and tell my mom that A) She’s AMAZING and B) Grandma may have won but I’m still standing….that old broad is tough.



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