Broke and addicted to candy – TRUE STORY


I hate money. There just never seems enough of it to go around. I just moved in w/ the boyfriend and technically we probably should be saving money but it just doesn’t seem that way. Maybe because it’s a bigger place and we needed a few new things…I just don’t know. But I need to get my spending in check and get some sort of budget going or I’m about to be in a world of hurt.

Any suggestions on paying down debt or getting your financial is together, Interwebs???? Please send help!

All this broke-assness leads me to stress eat any and all remaining Halloween candy which pretty much cancels out the kale, tomato, mushroom, steak stir fry I put together for lunch.

Oh and yeah no running happened yesterday. I SUCK!!! But I did walk like 3 miles so mini-tiny hooray!

Tomorrow thought – the run is scheduled and the official weigh in – EEK!

Monday, why do you always suck! Sigh, but on the upside there is a half bottle of wine waiting for me.


The poor broke college adviser, lbg





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