HOORAY! I was kinda grown up today and got my booty onto the scale and it wasn’t as bad as I thought but yeah, there’s a reason I’ve been doing the wiggle dance to get into my pants. Note: the wiggle dance is significantly below the using pliers to pull up your jeans. See Dazed & Confused.

Oh and I also ran (2.87 miles) and ate some kale. GO ME!

I’m hoping to get in two more runs this week and continue bringing healthy lunch to work. That would spell S-U-C-C-E-S-S – success!!! Anyways, speaking of spelling/cheering things I had an interesting moment last night at the Whole Foodie as I was buying some well deserved dark chocolate after my crazy fiasco of submitting the rent check. Another grown-up bonus – rent submitted on time – check! Ok, back to the Whole Foodie. The Cashier Guy calls me up and the following ensues:


Cashier WF Guy: Next


Cashier: Were you a cheerleader, like at any time, in your life

LBG: Ummm, yeah. A really long time ago in another life. How’d you know?

Cashier: The head tilt with the “Hi.” Can’t be that long ago?

LBG: Like 1998 long ago.

Cashier: So how old are you? Like 27. That’s not so bad.

LBG: Try 32…..

Cashier: Well you don’t look it.

(Nice save, sir)


Oh the Whole Foods, nothing but adventure and randomness. Maybe random adventures. Who knows???

That was my mid-day slacker post. I hope you enjoyed it, interwebs…or anyone who stumbles upon my cray, cray. That would be nice.




2 thoughts on “GO WHOLE FOODS!

    • Ditto….Sometimes you have to think on it for a second. Well once upon a time I was a cheerleader which was followed by another phase where I also had punk rock red hair. But we live and learn 😉

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