It’s a cereal night! And it’s not sexy!

On Tuesdays I’m an amazing adviser and work a wonky 11-8 day so I can meet with all my freshmen bebes in the res halls. Side note: This advising assignment comes with dinner in the dining commons. I usually eat there on Tuesdays and mostly regret it.

Tonight was no different. The dead give away should have been the kid yelling “CEREAL NIGHT” at the top of his lungs. What can I say, I’m a risk taker. Bad call, lbg, bad call.

I’m not even gonna go into detail on the ish they have the nerve to call Mexican food. As a Mexican, I’m offended. I’m even more offended because the fancy tier one research institution I’m employed by is in California! Surrounded by delicious Mexican food!

So I eat a rice Krispy treat and some chicken dumpling curry soup. Yep, my stomach isn’t pleased. On top of that my knee wants me to be morbidly obese and is acting up post run. Ok, ok maybe I’m just getting old but damn you knee. We’re trying to bring sexy back as JT would say. To which my smart ass knee would have some shit talking remark about the dry rice Krispy treat. I know! It wasn’t even gooey!

I’m heading home with a crazy knee and upset tummy but that is how dedicated to my craft I am! But seriously drop that other class and I’m not sure Cognitive Science is the major for you.

The lbg who will advise for farmers market apples or actual gooey rice Krispy treats


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