Failed diplomatic attempts solved with wine

I will never be an ambassador. Sad face. I’m not full of grace, quiet pauses while I sip water, or any other political savvy moves. I will however let you know where your ideas lack realism, why our team is serious, and request the necessary items to keep your sinking ship afloat.

This is why big, pompous, old, white men Deans hate me.

Sigh, your ideas are doomed to fail without proper supports but hey what do I know??? Just all your damn policies and your bebes.

Thankfully they cannot fire me for being a voice of reason despite their cray crayness.

Which leads me to the bottle. Hello wine! My job is driving me to drink and not in that celebratory way ( hooray! Graduation is done!). It’s the “I’m rewarding myself with booze because I didn’t punch anyone in the face today.”

I hope you didn’t punch anyone in the face today, friends. I hope you have the political acumen of a Canadian diplomat and the grace of Audrey Hepburn and your fancy Bossman/lady just smile at all your sensible suggestions.

In other news, my knee feels much better today so perhaps mañana will be running day two! Fingers crossed.

The lbg most likely to be dismissed due to Dean hatred… It’s ok I hate them right back 😉

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