Lakes, The Early 90’s, and running theme musica

Thursday Update with the lbg

On being a grown-up: I’ve brought my lunch Monday through today and as long as I hit tomorrow (fingers crossed) that will be 5 healthy lunches on top of ZERO DOLLARS spent on shitty campus lunches. Second grown-up goal – Running. I did one run on Tuesday and am set for my second run tonight and I just need to squeeze a third run on Sat/Sun. It seems manageable so I’m hopeful I can hit this goal. But you know, sometimes you get home from an 8 hour day of work, your  public transit commute, and BAM the lazy-ies attack you. All you can imagine doing is putting on your sweats, opening a lovely red, and lounging on the couch. Sigh…isn’t that dreamy. Instead I will fight against the lazy-ies and lace up those running shoes and get myself to the Lake.
This is my Lake. Of course, I should run. It’s kinda epic but I’m also a slacker…hence operation grown-up.
All the amazing New York Marathon posts though are so inspiring and really do make me want to fall in love with running again.  Here is one my most favorites (see below). Well it’s actually three parts but I HEART HEART Sheryl and her blog. No words just sheer awesomeness.
Hola Throwback Thursday!
Here’s my TBT moment – A Different World! How great was this show!!! I loved the hilarious antics of Duane. Also the episode with En Vogue was one of my all time favs! How can you not love En Vogue??? IMPOSSIBLE!

Anyways, this all came up because we are a Scandal loving office and Olivia Pope’s father was on A Different World (the theme song pops into my mind every time I type it!). He was going to marry Whitley but then Duane shows up and they realize how much they love each other! So good.

Ok, so there’s your throw-back Thursday.



the lbg that may or may not have her running come back jam set to Salt-N-Pepa “Push It”


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