Running Theme Musica, beeatches


Just a small selection of my running jams and how they came to be on this list.

1. Cream – Prince*
I love Prince. Usually my running lists include one Prince jam. The pace is perfection, not too fast, not too slow, and this lets me to sing along if no one is too close. Can’t lie, I love singing and running. I’m horrible at both so it works.

*Prince apparently has most of his music videos on lock down so sadly I have no clip for you.

2.Get Lucky – Daft Punk.
Oh C’mon! I see you giving me the side eye because this was one of Summer’s Overplayed Hits. But it’s so much fun to dance and run to this song. Pharrell kinda reminds me a little of MJ here and it makes me smile. Don’t we all want to be smiley runners? Don’t you want to get lucky? The answer should always be YES. I’m an old lady now so I run instead of shakin’ it at the clubs. The clubs are either too dark or too bright and my drinks watered down and I don’t drink nearly enough to dance in my four inch heels the way I did back in the day. Instead I wake up and load my playlist and run. Gawd, internets you’re so judgey.

3. Starships – Nicki Minaj
Say what you will about Ms. Minaj but the lady does have some jams to get your run on. Either you agree or you are still judging me from Get Lucky. It helps me quicken my pace and wakes this sleepy lbg up. Fine, haters.

4. Hey D.J. – Lighter Shade of Brown.
Because I’m old and this is a blog by a little brown girl. Just enjoy the song!

5.Down here in Hell with you – Van Hunt
I always like to have a few slower songs in the playlist so I don’t hurt my raggedy old self. It spices things up and let’s be honest you can also skip it if it’s unnecessary. But as those homophobic boy scouts say “Be Prepared” or is that a song in the Lion King. It doesn’t matter, Van Hunt’s voice is so smooth.

I obviously have other musica besides this on the Thursday list but we’ll save those for another day. What do you rock out to when you run? Do you have guilty pleasure running music (Scream and Shout – Britney & Will i am, anyone?). This is a safe space!!! I won’t judge you unless you’re rocking out to Bieber and then quite certainly I will.

You might be wondering how do I possibly have TIME for a second post??? I believe it’s mid-terms, the students are no where to be found so my advising seat is cold, empty, and possibly a little sad. I should probably use this time to clorax wipe my entire office due to the Fall flu season but that would be far too grown-up and I don’t want to overdue it. I might have nothing left for my run.




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