Poor girl wants fancy jackets but settles for booze & reading in bed on FABULOUS FRIDAYS!


Apparently in the bloggy world, Friday is a big post day with round-ups, link-ups, and the like. So here is my best attempt at that, blog world! Does that make anybody else think of this?

If it doesn’t, I apologize for my possible crack smoking. I kid, I kid – after all I’m not a Mayor or some public official and clearly those are the crack smokers. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check it : http://worldnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/11/07/21352338-toronto-mayor-rob-ford-considering-rehab-his-lawyer-says


1. Movie I’m most excited for! Si, Se Puede!

Seriously, so excited beyond words to see this movie!!! And AMERICA FERRERA – I LOVE YOU! You better be playing the amazing Dolores Huerta

2.Cocktail that I’m still dreaming about – brought to you by Boot & Shoe Service, Oakland, CA

tequila, aperol, lime & grapefruit………………… 10

I know 10 bucks is pricey but it’s sooooo good. Damn, this is why I’m broke.

3. Things I want to buy in no particular order:


This running jacket – glows in the dark!!!! I read about Monica (Run Eat Repeat) wearing it at her Disney run. How cool is that! No cars would hit you, EVER! I run at night and am super scared of the cars. Too bad its a gajillion dollars.  And by a gajillion I mean over $170.00.  I need to pay rent and eat, New Balance! Can’t you cut a girl a break??? Ok, ok, you got me. I also need to drink wine and cocktails…alright and fancy beer.

4. Things I have to buy that I am less excited about:


Me and the boyfriend just moved in (oooh butterflies) but the downside is that we both came from hardwood (LOVE) floors to carpet (sad face).  Therefore we really need a vaccum. I have long hair and it just creeps me out to think about all of my hair living in the carpet (ick). You know what, this wasn’t fabulous. My bad. Moving on’

5.  Long Weekends, homies!!!

Happy Veteran’s Day! Thank you to all the men and women that serve our country. You are amazing and THANK YOU! I’m also really grateful we get a day off due to your awesomeness. I will be enjoying the three day weekend with some sleeping in, cafecito with my chicas, another day time run, and book reading in bed. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

By the way, this is my most favorite coffee  – Blue Bottle!!!!






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