Good Morning Peeps,

I was gonna do a whole update yesterday but instead the Boy made dinner which included two types of pizza and mutant chocolate chip cookies. It was so delicious, processed, and bad!!! So of course after eating a few cookies I felt HORRIBLE. Like my stomach should be pumped. I hobbled off to bed to drink water and Pepto Bismal. My tummy needless to say was super pissed at me. She was like “What the hell, you ran, and drank water! Why are you filling me with CRAP! I’ll show you lbg!” and she did. Last night was not pretty.

This morning I took it easy had a little coffee and waited.  The stomach took it well. I just tried a little scrambled eggs with salsa and tortillas. Thus far it’s okay. Today is the late day 11-8pm with the bebes in the res halls. I need to pop in the shower and head over to the Whole Foodie and get some kale for lunch. I will be attempting to treat the rumbly tumbly kindly for the next few meals.

We have familia coming over for the weekend and I’m a little nervous there may be less than the ideal amount of running. I’m gonna try and bring my lunch all 4 days for the short week and at least get one run in prior to arrival of our guests. There’s a lot that needs to be accomplished since we’re still in the unpacking, nesting, making a casita phase. Bar stools, vacuuming, and contact papering were all checked off the list this weekend. I tried to do some kitchen tidying up this morning but will definitely need to squeeze in a mop before Friday. Not to mention all our donation items have been chilling in the entry way for more than a while. EEK! Somehow we will make it happen.

Anyways, below is my attempted post. Oh and the infallible lip color totally worked! More on that later.




Today I was a grown up and the following adult tasks have been accomplished!

– Running!
I full on ran a 5k today


These are my running shoes and purple head phones. That’s how I roll. I made my three week minimum because technically my weekend ends tonight. Woo woo!

Here’s a shot of the lake near the bird estuary


-Vacuumed the living & dinning room.

-Contact paper both bathroom cabinets.


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