Old ladies attending Boarding Schools without lawns or McDreamy


I hate having to kick kids out of classrooms. I feel like such a mean old lady making me one step closer to becoming the spinster that yells ‘Get off my lawn!” But then I remember I live in the Bay Area and I will never be able to afford to own someplace with a lawn let alone pay off the massive student debt I’m carrying around.  Somebody get this old lady without a lawn a drink.

It’s super dead at my dorm advising session leaving me to create my own trouble. Catch up on my blog reading, facebook, and create posts on not too much. I don’t know about you but I get all angry when I have down time and there are no new blog posts from my favorite fancy pants bloggers. C’mon it’s your job to keep me entertained with your witty antidotes!!! Then I remember – oh shit, some of these people have actual real jobs besides keeping me entertained.  Sadly, I am not a Queen and no one is assigned to the role of  Jester in my life. Really though if I was a Queen the first person I’d hire would be my personal chef and then trainer. Jester would be wayyyyyyy down there. Personal bartender would be fairly high as well. I mean, if I was Queen, I’d just buy a vineyard.

Today I worked hard like a productive member of an advising team. Honestly, I think this three-day weekend finally helped me catch up on everything after my Grandma being in the hospital and me working from the SJ (San Jose)/helping out the Mama bear. Life is so crazy. It makes me realize I have no wonderful children to take care of me so I just need to die before I run out of retirement or need extra care. Life’s tough for us in the middle. Hopefully Interwebs, you have some bebes to take care of you in your old age.

Also can we take a moment to talk about how good American Horror Story: Coven is???!!! I mean I have never watched AHS (That’s what the cool kids call it) before but I am digging this whole witching boarding school plot. I should preface this by saying I love all boarding school/East Coast/Coming of Age films (yes I just made that a category). Let’s highlight a few:

  • School Ties!
  • With Honors (this is like one of my favorite movies! PS McDreamy before he’s McDreamy)
  • Dead Poet’s Society (Obviously)
  • Scent of a woman (Al Pacino is amaze-balls in this! And a young Chris O’Donnell who will later be a sexy vet in season 2 of Grey’s)
  • Mona Lisa Smile (I know, you thought I forgot about the ladies)


Ok, enough for now. I could also add Harry Potter to the above list and still feel totally legit.  FYI – I just realized I would excel at a 6 degrees of Grey’s Anatomy type game tying everyone and thing back to that damn show. I loved Greys, still do, even though Shonda is clearly spending all her time on Scandal. Grey’s is just not as good this season and I’m starting to feel as though it’s your pet getting really old and sick and we just need to put her down. Anyone else?

Alright with that my peeps, I should pretend to be doing some kind of fancy remote advising. If we’re honest most of my University’s technology is set to 1982 DOS but I’m just a lowly peon of an adviser. What do I know about investing in future technology instead of someone else’s older rickety model. Investmest, Sheshment.


lbg, busy as a bee advising…..ghost students…yea


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