Fist fights, croissants, and other ways I manage to get sick

I need a win today.

I woke up with a cold, all stuffed up, and feeling lousy in general. Boo. With the Boy’s familia visiting this weekend, I’ve given up on getting a run in since there’s still  A TON to clean. I woke up today and did some cleaning this morning since cleaning the kitchen is not a regular activity for the Boy.

Ugh…I also have my performance review which is never bad but I start to worry and get all nervous that I will be walking out with a pink slip and a cardboard box. This is ridiculous since the University NEVER fires anyone. But that would be some serious irony if they tossed me out, so I worry.

I’m realizing I’m not so much an emotional eater as someone that eats to not punch people in the face or just yell “REALLY” or “C’MON! ARE YOU SMOKING CRACK!” Hence, I show up to meeting and tastefully bite into croissant or sip fancy starbucks coffee when things that would require the above responses occur. It’s actual a public service. No one want to see a 5 foot nothing lil’ brown girl walk up and smack a big old pompous white man in the face. Or maybe they do? Hmm, that would fall under the pink slip category for sure. I’m better off with the croissant.

My nose is going to be so red tomorrow, just call me Rudolph Jr.. Tissues all over my desk because of this damn cold. Fingers are crossed it’s not the flu because I’ve been way to busy to get my usual early October flu shot. Damn Undergrads! I swear they’re like mini outbreak monkeys.  “Soooo I was feeling (sniffle, sniffle) really, really sick today. I decided just not to go to class but figured I should (cough, cough) come in for advising (more sneezes).” – Undergrad 510.

REALLY! You’re hella sick and instead of going to class you decided to come to my office and sneeze all over me. Wonderful. Like I said, I need a win today.

Oops, time to let Sneezy Undergrad 20 into my den of sniffles.


lbg, I should own stock in Kleenex



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