DAYQUIL shots on the house! And other tales from Manic Monday!

Sigh, I think I need a new job. I love my students. They are fabulous, eager, nervous, and little young people but there are too many other really crappy parts of this job. If it was just these kiddos, I’d be here forever.

I guess I’m actively looking as of this week. There was one event last week that brought me to this point and I can’t deny it any longer so it’s time to dust off the resume. I’m starting my day with a few websites, craiglist, and idealist to see what’s out there and just know it’s time to start applying. I hate having to look for jobs. Interviewing & researching and updating my resume – fun! Yes, I’m that nerdy. This is why I work as a College Adviser, people! NERD ALERT! I have a magnet that says I hella heart the liberal arts on my fridge.

It would be nice to stay at my Dinosaur Tier One Research University but the funds aren’t what they once were for this crumbling monolith and my oficina isn’t doing me any favors for my mental health or work/life balance. How are some people so balanced and not all hot messy. I would love to hear your secrets! TELL ME!!!

Anyways, today is a little rough. I’m very distracted, still slightly sick, and tired from all the shenanigans with the suedo in-laws. Luckily, no suedo in-laws were harmed this weekend. Additionally, no lbgs were forced into binge drinking unless you count the one night I was mainlining dayquil and rum. No one’s family is perfect, I just prefer the crazy of mi Familia but hey that’s usually the case.

Tonight if I’m not still dependent on the Dayquil I may try to run. But if I still need it to breathe, I may forego. I really like running though so I gotta make the time because my job is killing my soul a little bit right now. The soul needs be replenished in some way, peeps. I’m sure I read that on a Starbucks cup once so there you have it.

Thanks for hearing me out on my case of the Mondays.



One thought on “DAYQUIL shots on the house! And other tales from Manic Monday!

  1. I actually go to Starbucks to replenish my soul….so sorry you have to look for another job…..I find stuff like this supper hard. Wishing you the very best, and hope you can still get your run in.

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