Gladiators of Crazy with a side of Cough Drops but hold the Bangs!

Day 500 of the sickness….

No, it really hasn’t been that long but doesn’t it absolutely feel that way when you’re sick? I hate, hate, hate being sick! But at least I’ve (mostly) kicked the Dayquil. Now it’s mainly the cough drops. I’ve traded one sicky addiction for another but it’s keeping me going. I’m hoping (fingers crossed) to make it to the track with my sister on Saturday for my first run back. Hello running! Hopefully you missed me and will be gentle and not kick me in the face.

I have spent a significant amount of time online looking for a running jacket that is bright, stylish, and keeps me warm. I know..I know it’s California how cold can it get??? This lbg is Cali born and raised so I’m very sorry but 47 degrees is cold to me!!! I saw this little number  Kohl’s Fila Running hoodie and was so depressed when I realized they had none in XS! Bastards!

I need to beat this compulsion of looking at the Want Ads. I guess they’re not really the Want Ads anymore – they’re Craigslist, NorCal Herc, Idealist, etc. But still it’s getting outtahand. I need to obviously keep looking but make the best of the current mess of an employment situation. Make lemonade…..but my heart says just add the vodka.

A while ago I made the decision to get some Zoey Deschanel bangs and this was a BAD idea. They actually were kinda cute when styled properly but that hardly ever happened. It’s also so windy in the Bay at times it seems pointless to have bangs. They just got blown all over the place and bleh!


Clearly if they looked this cute, I would have kept them. Instead here I am still growing out the damn things. Anyways, I’m getting a haircut in the hopes of them blending a little bit better and possibly adding some layers into my hair to make that happen. Bangs be gone! That should be a product.

Oohhh I’m all signed up for a 10k on December 14th! Running really need to make a comeback this weekend because this bad boy is right around the corner  – Summit Rock 10K

Alright kiddies, hope you’re having a fabulous Thursday! Thursday is all about Scandal for me! I cannot get enough of Olivia Pope aka the fabulous Kerry Washington.

Olivia Pope

I need Olivia to walk into this office with her gladiators and fix this hot mess of a situation. As one colleague told me “It’s time to update the LinkedIn!” There you have it, the peeps in the office are looking to fly the coop as well. Sigh…I want to love my job. Am I some kind of crazy fool??? Or something where I can at least create some work/life balance. I need that people!

But I’ll settle for a glass of wine and some yummy olives.



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