Where do I go from here and other chorus’ from pop songs

The day after was pretty rough but I slowly pulled myself out of bed. I scrubbed my bathroom and did some cleaning of the bedroom and unpacking. I made use of my time. Me and the boy also talked it out a bit so the night ended well for us. He had a dinner meeting so I grabbed sushi with a homie which added a little smile to the day.

I managed through the week and ran into the arms of the weekend. Sigh, Interwebs it feels like so much and so little is going on with me.

I have managed to avoid this stress by eating all kinds of unhealthy items and throwing back the wine. Seriously not good.

I’m trying to search my little heart for what makes me smile, happy, and look forward to each day. I’m stuck in a hamster wheel runt and its time to break out of it.

Still trying to find my way…



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