Happy 2014 Beeaatches! I’m back!


Bloggy World! I’m back!

My apologies, I’ve fallen off the planet due to the holidays and my vacation. In short, it was AMAZING to have so much time away from my suck ass job and spend time with familia, sleeping in, seeing friends, and more!

• Dec 23rd worked a half day (hellllooo vacation) and did my remaining holiday shopping. I took a little break to met up with my homegirl for a yummy Anchor Steam and chicken panini.
• Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
Let the big Mexican Familia craziness begin! Tamales, presents, San Jose and Watsonville! Oh and my cousin got engaged!!!
• Dec 26th – the boy and I just laid on the couch and completely vegged out! Despicable Me 2 – so adorbs and hilarious. Bonus – Pharrell did the soundtrack and the musica is super good. The Purge with Ethan Hawke was a premise that makes you think but fell short as a thriller. Red Box it peeps.

• Lakeshore Cafe, my fav! Me and the boy are regulars here and the vibe is great. We love the weekend strawberry mimosa.
• Mission Beach Cafe, SF! Met my besties for our annual NYE brunch. Giant Mimosas and a super delish crab and shrimp Benedict with yummy home fries. Heart this place!
• Grand Lake Kitchen, Oakland. I tried the something new but the pork belly hash remains king! Plus we’re bummed they no longer carry Pacificos! Those bastards!
• last but not least – Our Casita!
We hosted friends for scrambles, potatoes, mimosas, and coffee! Way to much fun and noon turned into bourbon and that turned into 6pm! Best NY day brunch ever!

NYE itself was pretty mellow with wine and dinner at a friends new house. However they made a kale and butternut squash lasagna that was seriously so good! Had to mention!

I was off from 12/23 at noon through 1/2. It was lovely so basically I went to work on Friday ( I’m on committee that met otherwise I would have taken that off too!) and was back to the weekend.

I also have some goalie goals for the New Year but that may need to be another post. Oooh and we went wine tasting in Sonoma 😉

lbg enjoying coffee and baileys


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