I’m NOT wearing a skirted bathing suit while eating veggies, and trying to make a DAMN budget, and other new year’s lies

OMG it’s 2014….no idea how that happened.


Well Bloggy World,

Like most peeps out there I do think New Year’s is a time for new beginnings, a little fresh start, and a great time to take a look around. Ya know after you pick all the confetti out of your hair and finish hung over brunching and what have you 🙂

Without further ado the lil’ brown girl’s 2014 resolutions…..I know I hate the word resolution. Goals, perhaps?


Yep…that looks good….Very very solid but what does all that ish mean, you Bloggy World (reader of one) might be asking yourself. Don’t trip. I’m kinda asking myself that too.


My foodie goals really just involve me eating more home cooked meals consisting of veggies, fruit, meats and WAY WAY LESS processed junk. I’m getting back onto the damn myfitnesspal to track my calories and what I’m eating. For me, if I’m over the calorie intake it doesn’t bother me as long as it’s fresh healthy food. You can’t make me feel bad for eating 8oz of grilled Alaskan Salmon with lemon. Sorry, doesn’t work. Also eating lunch at Fancy Pants University is expensive (like $10) and is pretty much always crap food. Not good for me and not that delicious. I’m a lady of my thiries and pizza and burgers with crinkle cut fries will just not do. Plus that whole I can eat a small Domino’s pizza by myself at 2:30am and wake up at 10am and hit the beach in a bikini metabolism of my twenties pretty much peaced out.  Yea, yea I want to feel better all that stuff…..but really I would like to take a vacation and as Mindy Lahiri (Mindy Project) said “I’m not wearing a skirted bathing suit, like a woman who gave up on life!”

PS- I actually dig skirted bathing suits, they can be WAY cute but the above was just TOOOOO funny!


Eventually or soonish I will work out three days a week. Hopefully it’s soon since I shelled out EIGHTY DOLLARS to try out this bar method class at this fancy studio in my neighborhood. Actually, I got a way cheap January deal for new clients and we will see. For some reason I cannot make myself run. I think it’s just really dark when I get home and I have a thirty minute commute which kinda kills. Since I used to have zero commute when I lived near campus.

For more info on the bar method, see here:http://barmethod.com/about-us/press/

It seems promising….and really my weight isn’t terrible. I still am rocking a healthy body weight, it’s more my body composition is all ehhh, Ya know skinny fat. I don’t really feel strong just jiggly and not in a sexy delicious way like lime jello. Seriously, lime jello and cool whip! So good. What…where was I oh yes fitness goals, so workout more, maybe lose some weight and get my jigglers into some sort of toned shape that looks great in a non-skirted bikini 😉


Grow my ass up and get together a realistic budget. Create a plan to pay off my damn credit card debit, look at my retirement, and not just say “Cool, dead at 75, done”, and imagine one day I will pay off my student loan debt. This means I need to bring my lunch to work (but see above) and cut down on shit, I really just don’t need.  I’m sure I will have lots of cry baby posts about this as the year continues.


Simply put I need to reinvest in my current position even if it kills me. I will have workout endorphins so hopefully this will help with my work blues. I’m also stepping up my search goal and keeping my head up. It’s still a bad economy and I’m blessed to have a job but there’s no way I’m leaving this one without an offer letter.


Turn off the tv, baby. The boy’s writing his thesis and I could use a little more book reading plus I love it. I just finished Middlesex which was excellent, super different narrative flow, and just a great read. Thumbs Up.

Alright kiddies, I need to jet but I hope your New Year is kickin’ booty.




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