The Bar Method class was awesome. The hour really flew by and I definitely felt I was working my muscles in some challenging ways. It was a slow burn and very different from the cardio based workouts that I typically gravitate towards. BONUS – The studio was super clean and swanky. I’ll have to take some super secret spy photos to post. I was able to get out of bed (hooray) and walk the stairs with no problems but I can definitely feel it in my shoulders and abs today. I’m signed up for a Saturday morning class so I will probably post more on that too 🙂

Way to work out at least once in 2014! Woo!


I suck and the vacation glow has evaporated. I am becoming a master at the art of time suckage when really I should be trying to care and creating some solid work product. If a student is in front of me I’m making it happen otherwise I feel like I’m just coasting. Pull it together!!! I’m yelling that at myself in my head but my hands and eyes continue to web slack. This post is an attempt to actually MOTIVATE.

Interwebs, please send MOTIVATION.

Ohhh but at least its FRIDAY!!!! Happy Friday! Do you have plans? My plans include the bar class and a possible visit with some friends in SF. I also really need to do some laundry and tidy up my room but that’s a whole other story…blergh.

Anyways, I leave you all with a little Friday Love! Because I LOVE Pharrell and during vacation we watch Despicable Me 2 which is just beyond funny and adorbs! HAPPY, PEEPS!





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