Patron Saint of Man Eagles and the Piñata that could not be broken

Some days you just feel like a human piñata, surprisingly the majority of these days are Monday. So I left work early in an attempt to “self care” and make it to my bar method class. Work may be kicking me in the face but I refuse to let it turn me into the Stay Puff Marshmallow man although I certainly am that angry. Just a known fact little brown girls consist of 70% rage.

Well since you’re here and I’m here Interwebs we might as well talk about my workout plan for the week. A lot of healthy/fitness/running blogs do it and those people seem much more sane than I do, so why not?

Last week, just like an appearance of the Lady of Guadalupe, I miraculously managed to work out three times. Holy Saint Michelle Obama of the gun show! Anyways, I’m going to try to do four workouts this week but if I don’t I promise not to cry my tears into half a bottle of red. Here’s the tricky part if I workout on Friday night it’s totally manageable. Side note: spell check changed that to man eagle and I needed to bust up laughing. Ok, ok, back to working out – my week should look like this:
• Monday 6:45 bar method class
• Wednesday 6:45 bar method class
• Friday 6:45 bar method class
• Sunday – run a 5k

I feel like I need these rest days since Monday will be my third day in a row of working out. I’d prefer my body not to revolt.

Oh yes and those are pm classes peeps. That’s why Friday is so hard because I just want to run home drink and watch tv!!!! But sexy thirties calls and operation clothes fitting more importantly.

On that tight note, have a Happy Monday!


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