There will be no more pants in Brooklyn but def more Julia and running than you can handle!

You have to love Pretty Woman

You have to love Pretty Woman


Dresses are so easy! You put on a dress and throw on your tights or pretzel twist into them and ala professional. This is one of my new new style goals for 2014 NOT skirts but dresses. Skirts like pants require a shirt and that’s just way too many outfit choices and it slows me down. Plus, I am NOT a morning person – it’s a miracle I make it to work before 11:00am everyday. My dream work schedule would be 11-4pm that paid me a salary I could live on, of course. Feel free to email me any jobs that meet this criteria.  Oh and how could I forget! I’m a shortie just barely 5 feet which means dress pants are always a situation for me. I prefer to get them tailored to my height in heels but due to running across campus at times I usually have a pair of flats. Without fail my flats make said fancy pants drag or slightly hit the ground and they end up getting a little tattered over time.

Dress pants, we’re breaking up. I’m sorry I’m doing it in a blog post but we’re done.

This morning due to my fabulous work dress, I was able to make my lunch and eat breakfast. MIRACLES! I’m telling ya 😉 It also helped that I had a ride and could stay at the casita a little later than if I commuted. Door to door service, baby! When I commute I have this 15 minute uphill walk on campus to my building. It’s not my favorite way to start the morning but I appreciate the exercise….I guess….let’s just be honest, you’re supposed to say stuff like this.  To wind it up, 2014 is all about the work dress.


There’s always a lot of talk about the scale. You love it, hate it, abuse it, and we should all just throw it out the window. As I heard Julia Roberts say in Pretty Woman, “You gotta do you” and your relationship with the scale should be just that. For me, the scale is a helpful tool for keeping my slacker self accountable. I’m using Thursday as my weigh in day for this New Year. Today I got up and stripped down (yep, I’m a naked weigher) and hopped onto that bad boy. Woo Woo! I lost .7 lbs! Weight to bring healthy back! See what I did there? Hope you enjoyed that pun 🙂


One of my lbg dreams is to run the Brooklyn Half Marathon and last year it was the weekend of my best friend’s wedding. Whoa, we are totally having a Julia Roberts themed post. I digress, running this half is something I’ve really wanted to do. Registration goes live next week and I’m hoping my little fingers can refresh quickly enough to get a spot.  Not only would this help me get serious aka get back together with running but I feel like it’s one of those bucket list dreams. Eekkk, beyond excited!!! I did run a 5k last week and planned the same for this weekend so my running is coming along. I can feel the bar method helping me get back in shape as well.

So in honor of the Brooklyn Half, here’s a little musica….






2 thoughts on “There will be no more pants in Brooklyn but def more Julia and running than you can handle!

  1. I love dresses too, I have more of those than anything else in my closet! So many different styles and colors to choose from! 🙂 Hope you get that spot you were wanting for the Brooklyn Half.

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