It’s Monday but it feels like a Sunday, right??? Three Day Weekends POR VIDA!



First, hope you all were able to relax and enjoy this weekend and in some small soulful way recognize MLK and all the ways he’s changed us as a community for the better. It’s been l-o-v-e-l-y for me and I feel super rested and accomplished.

Alright, let’s talk body (bah-day) shop. This week, yours truly rocked the following FOUR workouts!!! Monday and Wednesday I hit the bar for an hour long bar method class. Saturday this lbg woke up and made a 9:45am class and hit up the farmers right after. Hoorazzzz, fresh veggies. Sunday, I met up with my home girl for a 4.5 mile walk and smiled the satisfaction of a person that hit four workouts!

Moving on to Maniac Monday! Today I did a 9:45 bar class and ran 3.2 miles at 4pm – WHAT A TWO A DAY???? I know cray cray so I’m sure I’ll pay for it mañana but the weather was way too good to not get a run in. Helllooooo Global Warming 😉

Other than the working out, I got some great zees this weekend, managed some laundry, and a few farmers markets finds. Of course, there was wine and a brunch. Ya know I’m all about the brunch and personally I believe that’s what gave me my strength for the afternoon run.


Wednesday is the big day for me and I’m hoping I get into the Brooklyn half. I texted my Jersey girl and she’d be happy to host me so that’s lined up. I just gotta hope the Internet Gods are on my side. Fingers crossed!!!

I’m making some cauliflower mash and the boy’s gonna put some lamb on the grill so I need to jet but I do want to share my latest running jam. Don’t trip we also have a kale salad for some greenage 😉

Aloe Blacc – get your run on!



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