Damn Whipper Snappers! Praying to the Church of Beastie


Today was the first day of the Spring term, dismissal letters failed to go out ( the irony), and nothing on my to do list got done.

I am one beat down College Adviser. Thank baby Jesus for the on track graduating seniors so my day wasn’t all academic probation for Spring and dismissed Fall bebes. I hate telling people they’ve been dismissed. Sad face.

Also my body hurts from my cray cray workout Monday. It’s 6:45pm and I’m laying in bed writing this post – mentally and physically exhausted. I ate a cookie and it was delicious!!! Small blessings.

But I must rest and pray to the Brooklyn gods (Beastie Boys?) that I get into the race mañana. Light some candles for me, kiddies.

Tuesday – 10, lbg – 0



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