Wine, Running Slowly, and Rhythm Nation




Woo Woo! I lost .6lbs this week. Moving steadily towards my goal, kids! I wasn’t sure how this week would go. I figured there would be a loss but didn’t expect this …so HOORAY! 7 more to go!


I am bringing the lunch to work, saving the pennies, and fighting the urge to order mac and cheese. It’s a struggle because nothing makes a bad day right like mac and cheese…..Well maybe mac and cheese and wine. Yep, that’s the best.

Also water, water, water! Cali may be in a drought situation but this lbg is not! I’ve been drinking 6-9 glasses on the weekdays and pretty close to 4-6 on weekends. Hooray!!! My body is not chronically dehydrated.


Loving it and am actually feeling myself getting stronger. Who knew that could happen! It’s still so f’ing hard but I’m not as sucky as I once was, kids. My arms I think are showing the most improvement. I’m feeling it in my legs too but it’s not as noticeable. I’m hitting the 3x a week pretty solid and would like to maintain that. However I need to start getting the run in there which leads us to ….


I went into my calendar and booked all my loooonnnnnngggg runs. It’s sufficiently tabbed up so that I can hit 11.5 miles prior to the race. This weekend I need to run 4 miles. It’s a jump, I know but I’m ready. It might be a VERY SLOW 4 miles but it’s gonna happen.

Those are the updates.

In honor of Throwback Thursday – get your Janet Dance Party On!

Happy Thursday Besos,


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