I only play a professional blogger on tv, happy hour, and musica made for dancing in my MIND!



I’m gonna get some happy hour on today with my prima! Super excited to have a much needed catch up session with her on all things life, engagement (hers), and suedo new job . I did bring my lunch today but might be making an exception of having lunch w/ a colleague that I don’t nearly get to kick it with enough these days. My goal is to keep it healthy because happy hour is gonna be the splurge. Send me accountability prayers!


This week I hit my workouts like a champion but it really helped having MLK day off. Four day weeks making my life lovely. Anyways, the weekend workouts are looking like this:

Saturday – 9:45am bar method class & 4:00pm 4 mile run

Sunday – 9:00am 3 mile walk with my chica

If I follow the above plan I will have worked out 6 times this week! Whoa, that’s like Jillian Michaels status! CRAZY!


HERE’S SOME FRIDAY LINK UP LURVE – these lovely ladies do update posts but my update was yesterday so sorry you’re stuck with this, Interwebs.

UGH… I am ready for it to be 5pm. I need to pull myself up and actually be a productive worker bee today. Sadly, I am still in a MAJOR MAJOR job rut and really uncertain about my future here. That is not an excuse however to fail and I kinda feel like I’m failing at my job. But I’m really not very happy here, kids. I havent’ been for some time. I applied for one thing and have yet to hear back. I have two other possible positions I could apply for but haven’t researched or started updating my cover letter. The good thing is that I’m focusing on my health and that’s making me really happy. I’m full on in love with Bar Method and very excited about the Brooklyn Half. I’ve been rockin’ my fitness pal and updating my food and water regularly which is so helpful on that front. I’m trying to create changes in areas of my life that I can and I feel positive about that. Sadly, work still brings me down and sometimes creeps into that. I’ve never really wanted to leave higher education (in the last 6 or so years) but for the first time I’m thinking about it.

Alright, it’s Friday. There’s no room for Debbie Downers. I’ve got a happy hour to look forward too and my first half marathon training run on Saturday. You know what cheers up this lbg…C’mon I post muscia ALL THE TIME. This Friday is no different and it’s just gotta be Pharrell. Yep, REPEAT! My bad, but not really b/c  “IT’S MY JAM!”

I’m running to the dance floor in my mind!

Friday Besitos,




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