Detoxing Cheese and Other Recovery Methods

Dude. I was a BAD lbg yesterday. There was lunch with coworkers with LOTS of fries and hummus (plus falafel and then some)… It was tasty delicious but then HAPPY HOUR hit and let’s just say by 10pm I was sharing a small rib plate and some cheesy Mac-n-cheese….. Damn you bottle of wine!!! Damn, you!

So I put on my big girl pants this morning and dragged my winey, Mac and cheese tummy to bar class. It was rough but I did it…. And drank a TON of my new bestie, h2o.

I see why alcohol leads to healthy eating failures BUT it was sooooo good!

I’m exhausted its like noon. Sigh, paying the price, my friends, paying the price.

Ok I need a nap.

The road to recovery is long and hard and full of delicious off roading đŸ˜‰

Bad lbg


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