The Nutz Over Chocolate Luna Bar is totes my “I’m running late but must have breakfast and I have 6 1/2 minutes to make it my bus stop and be on time!” breakfast.


It’s really delicious and there’s fiber in there and the calories (180) aren’t terrible considering it’s all I get to eat for breakfast on these late type days. Yep, today was one of them. Sweet potato and egg is probably my breakfast of choice though….yummm.

Getting in shape is clearly one of my hot mess 2014 goals so this forces me think about behaviors that are less than fit-tastic. This weekend I realized that last minute plans that involve boozing and delicious food don’t bode well for me. First, my calories usually aren’t portioned in a way that I can squeeze in some extra extra. Also I got really excited and just tend to order the most unhealthy thing on the menu and add a round of cocktails. Blergh….not well played, lbg. Pork Belly Hash is unhealthy you say? No idea, none what so ever.

I obviously need to work on making better choices like the Biggest Loser restaurant challenge they typically hold ever other season. Also I cannot NOT cry during make-over week. It’s physically impossible. Just straight up sad bastard tears.

My week is all wonky because of programming for the Undergrads so that means I have to change my workout routine for the week! EEK!!!! Ok, so this is what I will be attempting, my pretties.

MONDAY – 6:45pm Bar Method
TUESDAY – 7:00am Bar Method (So now that the kiddies are back in school, I’m back to my 11-8pm Tuesdays w/ evening advising in the res halls)
THURSDAY – 7:00am Bar Method (b/c of a Wed night event, I will be only working 12-5 on Thursday so best to get my workout in)
SATURDAY – 4.5 Mile run

I might add a bar method class on Saturday but am uncertain. I think it’s the smart thing to do because I’m actually digging waking up at a decent hour on Saturday, getting my fit on, and actually making it to the Farmer’s Market (it’s on the way to the Bar Method Studio). Hmm…this is what a grown up would do.

Ooh I just won an amazon gift card at work for filling out a survey! Sheesh! This never happens!!! Ok, I’m buying myself some workout pants – Hoorah!

This posting was kinda lame-o but I just wanted to discuss my issues with last minute get together that involve eating foodz….sigh so good. Also this weekend was ROUGH, ROUGH, ROUGH so I hope I manage to eek out a loss this week. Or at least maintain, maintenance is muy importanta, peeps. Wine, we’re so frenemies!!!

What’s your workout plan for the week, Interwebs? Anything new or exciting?

Alright, besos on this maniac Monday,


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