The Not So Secret Life of the LBG and other 1980s fairy tales

Brought to you by the letter C for Coffee!


Today I slept in until 9 and am now drinking coffee in bed as I write this blog post. LOVE! I did not love working an 8-8 day but this is pretty damn wonderful. So let’s get to the updating shall we?

– I gained this week… It sucks and think it probably had to do with all the weekend eating out plus this whacks doodle schedule (No, autocorrect. It’s whackadoodle.) Who actually whacks a doodle? PS what’s a doodle? Anyways, the gain was small + .1 lbs. Maybe next week I’ll see better progress but in the meantime, here’s how I feel:


Profound, right.

Moving right along BAR METHOD UPDATE
-I’m seriously falling in lurve with Bar and I’m torn about it. I mean really any workout that involves your bf/partner/familia/dog ( all completely interchangeable) noticing changes in your body should be kept, right??? But the thing is that Bar is not a cheap-o investment. Here’s my studio’s membership options because my amazing January $80 trial ends on 2/7…SAD FACE!

Sign up for our Monthly Membership program and take unlimited classes for only $175/month. This membership makes it even easier for you to take the optimal number of classes to see the best results for your body.
Significantly reduced per class price for those taking class consistently (see below
No minimum time commitment, simply provide 31 days notice to cancel
Suspend your package at any time for up to 6 weeks for $25
Visits/Cost per Class:
$19 – 2 classes/week
$13 – 3 classes/week
$10 – 4 classes/week
$8 – 5 classes/week

Membership options
Drop-in Class – $24
5 Class Package – $110
10 Class Package – $210

Clearly, unlimited makes the most sense for me since I’m hitting about 3x a week but the price tag makes me GULP. Sigh, I really want to get in shape and at the end of the day (or in one or month or more) I’ve bought a $60 pair of pants and had a $75 dinner with the boy. This isn’t that much more and it’s for my health, MI VIDA if you will. I’m 90% sure I’m gonna bite the bullet for Feb and see how it works out with my budget.

Coglans Law – spending this kinda cash better get your booty to the gym (Yes, I just referenced Cocktail. I’m old and love Elizabeth Shue)


This weekend’s long run will be 4.5 miles -eek! I’m also still figuring out what day I’ll be doing my short run. Ideally Brooklyn half training will be three days of BAR and two days of running. Once I get closer maybe end of March, I might add another day of running in there.

Ssssshhhhh, Interwebbs. This lbg may have an upcoming interview so light your candles, dance for rain, or whatever prayers rock your boat!!! I will take ALL the good energy. Also I made it through/ran a meeting yesterday without looking like a total idiot and am REALLY grateful! Shout out to Baby Jesus or maybe super fit Jesus from the new movie. Seriously, I saw a preview at the Secret Life of Walter Mitty which is an amazing movie and you should all see! Or just you, one visitor but I like you and wouldn’t lie.

In other news, try and not get too cray cray with the Super Bowl treats, peeps!!!! I’m gonna try and work out in the morning preemptively. I would say drink water but that won’t happen for me…. I just referenced Cocktail, I’m not fooling anyone 😉



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