Sadly, I’m still at work on this sunny Friday and staring at my mile long to-do list but whatevs! Boss lady brought in bagels and I had enough self control to only eat half of one. Small victories!!! I also brought my lunch of healthy kale salad and an apple snack. Go me!

Once again, I needed to run to the bus stop on my morning commute because I completely forgot about a meeting and that just made my morning cray cray. Usually when this happens I can only run half the way and then speed walk the rest of the way. Today I ran the whole way! Woo Woo! NSV, peeps!

Since it’s Friday and that generally means distractions, slacking, and watching the clock, I’ve decided to do a FRIDAY FAVORITES POST. Stuff that I am loving, wanting, or hoping to try because it’s all about the day dreaming.



I love love love my camelbak! It has helped me seriously up my water intake and I take it everywhere with me!!! It’s seriously my bestie. I have a UCSB one (my beloved alma mater) and when I thought I lost it I was devastated for a full 24 hours. No joke.

OK, strike this whole Friday Favorites. I haven’t put enough thought into it and I need to save more, spend less and this just makes me want to BUY ALL THE THINGS!!! Plus, you know I’m dealing with this bar method addiction and I have yet to bite the bullet. See yesterday’s post if you’re like this lady is cray and I have no idea what she’s talking about.


Plus, I am trying to plan a Ladies LA weekend with my College buddies and I need to fork out the money for plane tickets! Sigh, flying so quick and easy but sadly expensive.

Alright I need to do some work! Enjoy your weekend, peep!




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