Little Red Corvette and the little brown girl shaking it to Monday Madness compliments of Bruno


WTF! Some bastard on my bus has decided to open a window and let freezing forty something degree (I apologize, I’m from California and therefore do not know better) air into our previously cozy bus. For the love of sweet baby Jesus somebody better be smelly next to you!

Yep, it’s Monday and I need coffee.

Can we talk about how terrible the Superbowl was??? The Broncos lost their goddamn minds! Or at least their mojo. My boy is a hard core Broncos fan so yesterday was a rough day in the casita. Given it was Superbowl my munching was pretty maintained so go me! I also made some stuffed mushrooms with cauliflower mash that were pretty tasty. Nutritious and delicious.

However my Sunday faves were the H&M David Beckham commercial, Bruno Mars lip synching (still love ’em), and Prince’s cameo on New Girl!!! For realsies, I love Prince! Purple Rain por vida. I almost ALWAYS rock a Prince song on my running mix.

Anyways, Bruno that sexy little Filipino’s half time show reminded me that Saturday was my LONG run – 4.5 miles, peeps! Slowly but surely building my Brooklyn Half miles but the jam that got me through was Bruno Mars’ Gorilla .

I’m thinking today I may bite the bullet on Bar Method and get that $175 unlimited membership. NSV – my workout clothes on Saturday were def fitting better. Plus I can’t schedule any classes after the 6th with my limited membership unless I but one of the other deals but you can buy the monthly online so I’ll need to call the studio – blergh!

I’m bringing back my lunch kale salad this week and am hoping for a loss at my Thursday weigh in. Fingers crossed, bebe.

Alright, lets all get some coffee and pretend to work. In reality, I will be planning my workout schedule for this week.


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