And I was run-in-ng!!!! Said like the Gump, himself. Oh yah, and it’s TUESDAY!

Dude. It’s Tuesday. I have the secret interview tomorrow and should be super excited but am still feeling a little overwhelmed. However I made AWESOME choices last night and  was so so so glad I went to Bar Method. Work is just cray cray and I’m gonna do some super late night interview prep and make it happen.

In the end, all you can really do is your best and make it happen…..and if that doesn’t work out there’s booze.


This morning I woke up and did my first short run – 3.0 miles – for my Brooklyn Training. Also I’m back to my usual work schedule (M,W, TH, F 8:15-5:00pm & T 11-8:00pm) which means I now get to try out my ideal workout week until the half.

Monday – Bar Method – 6:45 – 7:45pm class
Tuesday – Short Run – 3.0 – 5miles (depending on training) @7:30am
Wednesday – Bar Method – 6:45 – 7:45pm class
Saturday – Bar Method – 9:45 – 10:45am class
Saturday afternoon/Sunday – Long Run – 5 – 11.5 miles depending on week

Thursday’s the dreaded weigh in since last week wasn’t so hot. Boo! Boo, Scale! But on the upside it will be 4 weeks since I really REALLY really started putting significant effort into getting into shape so a month in review might be due. Just maybe. I have to say I think there’s been progress but ya know people always say (or pin rather) this:


So there you go…..

And as G.I. Joe would say “knowing is half the battle” at least I think that’s what he said…well it was something like that. And don’t spray paint your bike with the garage doors closed. That ish is toxic! Hey, it was the 80’s what can you do.

I’m tired and still have another 3 1/2 hours of work left…eek… and Tuesdays since I work in the res halls (and the food is TERRIBLE) I bring my own. Yep, bring my own lunch and dinner and eat my dinner like an old lady at 5 before I walk over to the halls for my 6 – 8:00pm advising. The res hall is FAR FAR away! So by the time I finish advising 8 – 8:10ish and walk down the hill and catch the BART or bus, I’m home by 9pm. It’s a longish day. I do it for the kids.

Alright, peeps, have a lovely Tuesday. Get your fit on!



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