I’m like Liz Lemon, but brown, without a Jack, and I work at a College. Other than that same person….BLERGH!


The Interview was this morning and it went well. I felt like I was a professional and gave strong answers. You know more Jack than Liz….Thirty Rock, anyone? We will see. It’s just a waiting game now. In my head I just changed GaGa’s love game to wait game. I will now gratuitously insert her video here!

I have my fingers crossed and will light some candles that things work out. Wow, haven’t watched/heard this song/video in forever and a day. Good times, you may need to go on the running mix, Gaga. But no promises, I’m digging  the Feb playlist especially after I readjusting Aloe Blacc.

Tomorrow is my one month weigh in….sigh. I’m excited and yet nervous. After all the scale is just a “tool” but all the office cookies are tormenting me.  Wish I wasn’t such a cookie person. Do those people even exist??


I’m mad tired today and have kinda been inhaling the coffee to combat the restless sleep. Also  I was not offered water in my interview so my throat lubrication was massive amounts of coffee. Alright putting in a solid three hours of advising, heading home early for a power nap, and hitting bar method for my last chance work out. Whoa, do you watch Biggest Loser, Interwebs?

Well if you do, that Rachel Season 15 winner last night – EEK – she was a little scary Ally McBeal-ish but trust Ally could pull it off. I really REALLY hope Jillian Michaels talks about this on her podcast next week. I love the JM podcast and logon to itunes every Tuesday to crack up w/ Jillian & Janice. Good Times.

Anyways, I digress, Rachel….you’re a little skeletor. Hopefully now that you have a pocket full of winnings, you will eat some tacos, and put on twenty. Thanks, love me.

I’m gonna drink 2 glasses of water and if I still need a cookie. I’m having one….I can’t live any other way…..One track mind, my bad.


Not super relevant but how I feel. I want a mini dance it out and nap. Is that too much to ask???
Alright, I’ll see you kids manana for the weigh in and what not.


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