Celebrate Good Times! C’mon! Plus mini dance party


It’s time for THURSDAY UPDATES!!!!

Also today is a special Thursday Update since I’ve been on this crazy get healthy goal for a month/4 weeks! Go me! Ok, lets get to the reviewing!

Of course, my power is out this morning. Nada. It’s still out and I’m actually writing this blog post in my bed on my phone by sun light. However my bathrooms get ZERO light and I called in to say I’d be late bc nobody wants this girl showing up looking like hobo joe and angry bc she got ready in the dark. Plus it’s freezing!!

Ok, back to the weigh in! I was forced to weigh myself in the kitchen once it got bright enough and Amen! This lbg lost – .7 lbs this week! Hooraz!

Last week bummed me out with the slight gain so this felt great! Overall, I lost 2.2lbs this month! Only 7.8 more to go!

I’m still aiming for 3x a week (Mondays, Wednesdays, and one weekend day). I do feel myself getting stronger and I’m less sore. I bite the bullet and will be doing bar for at least another month, we’ll see how my wallet handles it. The thing is that after Bar Method I feel great and happy. Getting there can be tricky/rushed but once I’m there I heart it.

I just stepped my running up and added my second run. Right now Tuesday mornings are for 3 milers and Saturday my long runs for Brooklyn!!! I just get excited whenever I type that. Saturday will be five miler which is going kick my booty but it WILL happen. I’m also kinda looking at tickets I’d love to get something round trip under $350. Maybe in the next two weeks.

My lunches are struggling and I need to refocus on this goal and really carve out Sunday night time to prep some ish for the week. I need to recommit, peeps! Eating healthy at lunch is critical for my weight loss!

Alright, I’m gonna get out of bed and test the power. And try to get ready with this mid morning light even if I’m powerless. Just call me Hobo Joe.


Ps – mini dance party for my loss this week!!!

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