Bagels, Burritos, and Baddie bad budgets…OH MY!


I treated myself this morning to a super delicious bagel!!! NOM NOM NOM! So good but I removed most of the cream cheese to be moderately healthy…best of both worlds!!


I also am a HORRIBLE budgeter and bought myself this jacket because the following reasons:

  • The sweater I currently wear to bar is really really sad looking
  • I bought the sweater in 99′ or 00′ from Urban Outfitters (the college days….it looks it)
  • When asking the BF about whether I should spend $90 bucks to replace said sweater, he did not have to think twice before saying yes
  • I feel like 4 weeks of working out = treat
  • Dude, your treat is paying for bar method ….BAD BUDGETING LBG

Anyways without further ado, this will be my lovely new jacket. However I really wanted the grey one but I logged back in this morning and POOF all gone! Not sure how less than 24 hours later all grey jackets all sold out but it happened. Oh well, black is a good color.


I really dig that this jacket is a little longer and it is a Lululemon (gag) but I needed a new long jacket and this one fit all the required criteria:

  • Comfortable
  • Covers the booty a bit
  • Pockets
  • Hood
  • Did I mention cozy?

I don’t mean to be a Lulu hater…no wait I do! Sigh, my bad. It kills me that some of their stuff is la bomba, its so damn expensive, and that one CEO guy seems like a real chatch bag. I am usually a Target workout clothes kind of girl. But I also have one pair of Lulu running shorts that I must confess  I bought for my first half (like two years ago) and they are also la bomba. But otherwise I stick to my good ole’ Target and their amazing clearance section! Oh and this jacket was in the pretentious “We made too much section!” Can’t call it SALE or clearance like everyone else, can’t ya Lu? Nope, they gotta be all Starbucks about it. Eww..but I’m wearing it so let’s scale back the haterade.


This weekend involves me hitting up bar class, doing my big 5 mile run, and walking the Sunday Chinatown 5k with my girlies! Hooray! Year of the Horse! It’s gonna be a test but I’m sure brunch will be involved post walk and I’m determined to make healthy choices. I also should have a healthy dinner tonight because of that damn bagel but I couldn’t say no! I’m kinda stuck w/ lunches and breakfast out today and yesterday due to PG&E killing the food in my fridge with a power outage! Bastards! My healthy fast food save for work is Chipotle. I can walk there and the nutrition calculator on the website is muy helpful so that I can have a lunch that isn’t too terrible.

Alright, I need to do some ish so I can take over a little early to watch some Olympics! Hope you have some fabu weekend workouts, kids!

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