Just a quick holla for the Olympians

I ran 5.4 miles in the rain today and yes, that makes me fell like a f’ing champion! Oh and I drug myself out of bed this morning after the fiasco that was happy hour and went to 9:45am bar method class!

Happy hour involved me kinda splitting a pitcher with my homie and drunkingly heading home to watch Opening Ceremonies. I heart me some Olympics! I love all the amazing stories of the athletes and its seriously about the human spirit not the medals, bitches. I hate it when the reporters only focus on the medals!!! I’m like, Dude, no one cares they’ve never won a medal! They fought to be here! Ugh, jerk facey news anchors!

But yes, I made up for the beer and fries (sigh, my bad) with two kick ass workouts! Damn you, happy hour!!! But hooraz for getting my fit on. I’m a little nervous about this week the freezer/ power outage forced me into more eating out than planned. I just need to have a solid Sunday-Wednesday and I should be okay.

I’m off to see my girls in SF and if we’re not rained out (fingers crossed) we’ve got a fun little 5k tomorrow. Just some walking, chatting, and brunch. I WILL make good brunch choices!

Alright, kids! Have a good Saturday and get a weekend workout in!



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