Tiny egg muffins, Mondays always suck, and coffee, coffee, coffee!

I’m already failing and it’s only Monday…..this feels like a theme in my train wreck of a professional life. In my personal life, I have to attend a funeral this week and be with my familia. This is going to throw off my working out but is clearly more important. In other sad news, it’s the boyfriend’s b-day and since I won’t be around this weekend, I need to try and orchestrate something for the actual birthday (tomorrow). Don’t worry I’m on top of it but I’m feeling overwhelmed and it’s 3:30pm.

So based on all this and the usual work crap-ola, I needed a 3:00pm coffee run and have decided to eat my weight in the cinnamon roasted almonds…it seemed like a healthier choice than the butter croissant.


Modified Sad Bastard Workout Schedule for the Week

I will be home Thursday Night – Saturday Night for the funeral so I’m not sure if the running will happen. I have to be in SF on Sunday to go to the Love Sick bridal expo with my Prima. It’s for the non-traditional bride and seems really fun! I’m waitlisted for the early Sunday morning bar class so I’m not sure if that will happen.

Ok, so back to eating my weight in almonds. This morning I had one of my homemade eggy muffins.
photo 2-8

It was super delicious but I think I need two to actually be satisfied for breakfast. They are after all only like 117 calories each. They are made withe eggs, salt, pepper, paprika, italian seasoning, splash of milk, a few slices of small campari tomato, slice of mushroom, and 1 oz or so of turkey sausage.
Also on Sunday me and my girls walked the Chinatown 5K in the crazy pouring rain! Yep, we’re idiots like that 🙂

photo 1-8

I’m feeling much less crazy now and need to take a look at my email and make a few to-do lists. Sometimes life feels like it’s running you over but you just got to do the best you can. I’m remembering that worst case scenario – if I only workout 2x this week that’s 2x more than I was working out in December. Ya know, baby steps, keep your head up, etc, etc.

Also light some candles that I hear back from the secret job interview in a positive way. SWEET BEBE JESUS, this lbg needs to get out….of this pile of work I’m trapped beneath.  Hope your Monday is treating you better than mine….but I will survive….I mean I just ate 500 calories of cinnamon almonds (sad but true) so I’m not going anywhere.

lbg, now in cinnamon!


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