I LOVE BAR METHOD. No joke. Last night I ran home, took a quick twenty minute nap (YES! I was that tired!), and dragged my sad ass up to bar class. I absolutely did not want to go. Here’s the thing, I always feel great after class. 100% better, I swear! My instructor was hilarious! She gave us all props for working out on a Monday and told us how terrible hers had been with jokes while pushing us to the limit. She reminded us during the early portion of the class to think about just a few weeks ago and how much stronger we are now. The crazy thing is that for me and my body this is so TRUE! Especially in my arms. My body’s changing with bar and it may be slow but it’s AWESOME!


It was hard to pry that $175 dollars out of my tight little fist at the beginning of the month but it’s BEYOND worth it. It’s really a community at the studio,the instructors try and learn everyone’s names, and they consistently come around and make adjustments. I’m getting the best of the gym and personal training at the same time. Also if you don’t cancel your class, they charge you $10 which SUCKS. However this does make me more accountable because it’s more $$$ out of my tight little fist. Yes, I cancel and schedule my classes ahead of time in a very responsible fashion. Anyways, I’m hooked. It’s my new crack-rock.

Also we got to back dance to smooth criminal by Michael and that just really made my Monday.

Today is the Boy’s birthday so we are going out to a fancy surprise dinner. Hooray! I think he’s really going to lurve it. Hopefully, I will have some photos of the yummy food tomorrow. I’m going for a productive day today at the old crazy factory but just wanted to do a little bar post since I came back really feeling it last night. Also I’m getting a better idea of what this weekend will look like and I’m feeling confident I can get 4 workouts in ( 2 Bar classes and 2 runs) although with the familia, the funeral, and tonight my eating may be off again. BLARGH!

Anyways, that’s all for now kids! Hope you have some fun workouts planned for the week.

Get your coffee on!

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