This post was brought to you by wine, Advil, Gatorade, and a lot of water


The Birthday Surprise was such a big hit that I had to call in “sick” today also known as the too much wine flu… I hear its going around. But when you’re at a fancy restaurant and your amazing waiter recommends pairings with your meal, you don’t say no. Oh where was this Birthday Surprise, you say???


It was the Chez Panisse Cafe and not the downstairs main restaurant so a little less fancy but still the BEST FOOD I’ve EVER eaten!!! We had a great time and the boy had a lovely 36th birthday. However at 6am all that wine did not feel so great and there was NO way I was hoping on the bus to get into the office. I slept in and drank some water and took some Advil. That stuff is a girl’s best friend. On the down side, I am WAY behind at work because we are chronically under staffed. So I’m gonna head in around 4ish and stay till 8ish to get some work done. I was able to get out of bed and attend the 12:15 bar class since I won’t be going to my usual 6:45pm one tonight.

Can we talk about working out hungover for a sec? Ummm, yeah I don’t recommend it. Tomorrows my weigh in day and all I could think was last chance work out. And then I got there and preceded to sweat out (in agony) all the wine I drank. I’ve never been so sweaty at bar….it was terrible. I was hungover, sweaty, and achy. However I did it.



I’m getting old and I can no longer go into work sleep deprived or hungover. I can’t pound some Advil and drink red Gatorade from my coffee mug and get ish done like in my twenties . If I do, I will be exposed to germy college students and actually get sick. In my thirties I’m all about preserving my immune system and taking care of myself aka calling in sick. I have no small children so those sick days don’t need to accumulate. I’m using them, beeatches. The End.

Anyways, I’m REALLY really hoping for maintenance this week but understand if I gain. We’ll see what my frenemy the scale has to say, mañana.

Well this lbg is gonna down some water and maybe more Advil…
Have a great Wednesday kids and take it easy on the wine!



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