Fridays I’m not in love and other weekend worries


FRIDAYS- you win some and you lose some
Funerals with la familia. Sad, hard, and pretty much a day full of unhealthy mourning food.
Making yourself wake up early for a 3.5 mile run before above mandated familia activities.

I know you can’t out exercise a poor diet (or at least that what all the fit blogs say) but getting some running in makes me feel better about this weekend at home where my eating is less than ideal. However I did get of the waitlist for the Sunday morning bar class – Hooraz!!!

-Friday – 3.5 mile run – check!
-Saturday – 5.5 mile run
-Sunday – 8:30am Bar Method




Blergh, I need to pound some water. I'm mentally exhausted from today. Hope you all had a better Friday filled with love. Not capitalistic Hallmark love but real blessed soulful love 😉
Ok, that's all I will write on that… Oh and try and not buy all those delicious 75% off V-Day candy starting tomorrow 😉

Red and pink besitos,


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