Sometimes I work out other times I eat tortillas and drink with mi familia


Thursday night through yesterday evening were very very bad…..BLARGH! On the upside I ran on Friday morning and did a Sunday morning Bar Method class but yea… I’ll be making up my missed long run in an hour or so.

Not gonna lie there were HELLA tortillas and some of this


Mmmm… And more tortillas and this


Oh yeah and the Bridal Faire with my prima yesterday all kinds of bite size goodies!!! Plus champagne – we basically split a bottle. Oh and dinner…


DUDE!!!! It was all so delicious but seriously Monday through Wednesday is all about the clean eating and me praying to baby Jesus for maintenance.

This is my plan for this cray cray week
Monday – bar method 9:45am class (check!) plus 5.5 mile make up run
PS Happy President’s day holiday!!! Hooraz – no work!
Tuesday – 3.2 mile run
Wednesday – 6:45pm bar method
Saturday -9:45am bar method
Sunday – 6 mile run (eek!)

Plus lots of kale and chicken!!! My budgeting for Feb was non existent and I am paying for it now. Sigh, grown-up fail!!!! Anyways it’s Monday and I’m making it happen and that’s all that matters!


What are your workouts for the week, peeps?
You can do it!!!

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