I’m busy holding myself together with coffee and more coffee


It’s 3:00pm and I need another coffee….

It’s shaping up to being one of those work weeks where I feel that I desperately need to stay late but I refuse to give up Bar classes so instead I’m staying behind. We’re under-staffed, underpaid, and I will no longer give up me time for this job. Well…not as much me time. Two weeks from now I’ll be working three evenings for programming but that’s another story.

I will not volunteer.I will not volunteer. I will not volunteer.

Too much going on. My grandma was not doing well at all this weekend and her short term memory in the last month has taken a real hit. I’m scared. On top of that I am a finalist for the secret interview position but now there’s no second interviews. Also there’s another finalist…sigh. My boyfriend leaves on Friday for his 36th Birthday Trip (Hooraz for him!) but we had a little fight this morning so I’m feeling very stressed. However we did both make-up apologize via text. I don’t have any workouts on Thursday or Friday (glorious rest days) so maybe I can stay late at work those nights.

I need a new job…back to the searching and looking for something that doesn’t involve me constantly stressing about working late. I’m 32 and my health is a priority. Damn, almost 33 in a month…that kind of depresses me. BLARGH. Ok drinking more coffee and thank you for letting me get out this mini-rant.




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