The only bar I’ll be seeing today has an extra re…..I’m old


It’s Wednesday and after back to back meetings I’m already toasty…not a good sign. However I caught up on all my workouts for last week and have Bar Method at 6:45pm as my last chance workout! Weighing in manana we will see what the scale says. I’m hoping that bastards says “MAINTENANCE!”

Brooklyn Half Marathon training is heating up and this weekend I will be hitting the big 6 mile marker! Overall I’m feeling really good but feeling the need to try and give myself a Sunday rest day. I also need to be more focused with weekend scheduling as my distance increases. I might try and squeeze in one official 10k prior to May but otherwise I’m content to just stick to my schedule. March 1st is pay day and I’m hoping to seal the deal and purchase my tickets for May. Helllo NYC!!!

March is also this lbg’s birthday month but I can’t lie 33 is feeling old. Blergh….your thirties are so confusing!!! Where the hell should I be??? Also everyone does it differently. Some people are married with three kids (eek) others focused on traveling and careers and others are single and loving it. Me and the boy are living happily in our Casita in the Sky so that’s something, well my job – you know, Interwebbies. I also have some la bomba girlfriends and an LA GETAWAY TRIP coming up. Chicas Only! So mi vida is pretty good. Hopefully in two years, (post Boy’s thesis), we will get to the bebe business so there’s some time to enjoy just us for now. Alright, that’s more cheerful but I still made myself an expensive hair appointment for a cut and some color. Ombre, ladies! Hey it’s my Birthday! I will do what I want!

*Luna Bar – Nutz over Chocolate (late morning, my bad)
*Coffee with whole milk – It’s Santa Cruz Roasting Company – French Roast.

* kale salad w/ olive oil and balsamic. Topped w/ turkey italian sausage, mushrooms, zucchini, tomatoes, and red onion (baked)

*Fiji apple
*baby carrots

* But I’m think some steak stir fry with mushrooms and tomatoes.

WEDNESDAY  LINK UP LOVE!!!! I’ll have my weigh in post manana!!!

Weigh In Wednesday


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