Running to the Early Nineties and Summer Por Vida


It’s Friday and I have a TON of work to do but first I wanted to check in and say hey to you, lovelies. This weekend I’m running the big six for my Brooklyn Half Training and the weather is supposed to be GORG! In other running news, my sweet sister got me a great early birthday gift. Drumroll please! Entry into the She is Beautiful 10k in Santa Cruz – holla!


We’ve done this race before and not only is it super fun but it’s so beautiful. You run along the cliffs in Santa Cruz and I really just heart it. Look at all these chicas having an amazing time.

Also because my sister is LA BOMBA she ordered me a little something extra and herself too!
LOVE IT!!! This lbg has a mad love for hoodies and I am really excited for this one. It makes turning 33 a little less sucky to have a kick ass race and day in Santa Cruz with my sister.

This week was crazy busy and I gained (boo!) but hit all my workouts (hooraz). This coming week I will be focusing on tightening up my eating and modifying my workout schedule due to frosh programming. So same bat channel just different bat times. Overall, I’m feeling really good and even though this last 10 is not slinking off as I mentioned before my body composition is changing. This is far more important. Oh and I’m not putting as much crap into my body. Just a tiny bit of crap because I love wine, mac and cheese, and the occasional baked good.

March is around the corner and it’s going to be beyond hectic but also full of fun. I need to recommit to my lunches and budgeting but it’s also the dreaded 33 so I deserve some spoiling, right? That’s what I thought too. In June I went dark and cut some bangs and they are finally grown out (thank you bebe Jesus) but I’m thinking I want to bring back the ombre. I have a hair appointment on the 15th with my most favorite amazing hairstylist and bumble&bumble ambassador (extra hooraz). I pinned a few ombre ladies with long hair. This is what I’m thinking. Also PS dontcha LURVE having someone else wash your hair??? It’s the most relaxing thing ever. Sigh, wonderfulness.

The one on the left is a model…Lily something or maybe I made that up. The other is a blogger at

But ombre so much fun and feels summery. I want to live in only Summer!!!! I guess thats kind of happening with global warming (sad face) but mad props to all you people that exercise in the snow and rain. EEK! But I love to read about it.



PS Here’s the Friday Jam! I’m taking it back!


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