I’m blessed because I have coffee and other ish to be grateful for…like running


Monday, you’re always a tough one. Today like every other Monday was filled with good and bad. I wanted to do a quick weigh in just to see where I was at as I head into this week of CRAZY FROSH PROGRAMMING. Being a College Adviser is not always easy, my interwebbie friends. Anyways, I was like “WHAT! SCALE, REALLY???” This little brown girl was down -0.8 lbs. Talk about an awesome morning! I quickly got ready and ran to 6:00am bar method – EEK! I had arranged to come into the office later since I have a program that will keep me at work until 7pm tonight.

After the morning workout I made my way to work with a quick Starbucks breakfast – plain coffee with whole milk and one of the artisan breakfast sandwiches (350). Not too bad considering I got a work out in but low in fiber. I had a morning training where I received an email letting me know I didn’t get the super secret job. I’m not gonna lie, it sucks. It really sucks and based on the email I’m pretty sure they felt I was overqualified. I managed to avoid the donuts at the meeting even with the bad news. Training lunch was catered and I only ate half my Boudin Turkey Havarti sandwich, ditched the cookie, and did eat the salty chips (only 140 calories). Once again, low fiber. I have my apple and carrots for a snack and when I head home I’m gonna make some kind of fiber filled dinner. Maybe a spinach, tomato, bell pepper, garbanzo bean salad with a TJ’s turkey meatball or two. I’m trying to stay motivated since I won’t be home until 7:30ish – 8ish depending on the program and commute.

Def feels like one of those days. Sigh, I need to really look at my job and see how I can make it better. How I can get more out of this position and my daily life. See what I really love and find the balance. I kinda always dreamed I’d be the person that lived to work ie LOVING LOVING my job. A real career type focused person. While I’m truly blessed to work in a setting that is not manual labor it’s still crazy and we are chronically understaffed. I need to find a balance where I let that stress go yet do my best and make the job work for my life ie I work to live (the life I want). Anyways, just trying to be grateful and adjust my mindset. But don’t get it twisted I will still look for other job opportunities.

I’m really falling in love with the run again and participating in races. I’ve got a few on my mind and I’m not gonna lie, I may register myself for something later as a pick me up from the job rejection email. I also LOVE LOVE Bar method. It’s a big expense but I’m worth it, my health is worth it, and it gets me out of my casita and off my booty.


The next three week are filled w/ programming for frosh dedicated to helping them find a major. I’ll be pretty busy so here’s my modified workout schedule based on the fact you will find me sleeping at the office.

Monday – 6:00am bar method class
Tuesday – 3 or 4 mile rule at 6:30am
Wednesday – some kind of Comcast 30 min workout via on demand at 5:30am
Thursday – 6:00am bar method class
Friday – rest day
Saturday – bar method at 9:45am and 6.5 miles at 2:00pm
Sunday – rest day

There are a lot of work outs scheduled above and we’ll see how they play out. The main reason is (like today) I’ll be forced to eat on campus A LOT this week and that’s never good for my nutrition or calories (BLERGH!). Especially with this pleasant surprise morning loss of -0.8lbs (WOO WOO). I want to keep that!

Alright, off to the salt mines.


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