Musing on Sunday



I was listening to an old Jillian Michaels podcast and it happened to be about the last ten pounds. Hellooo, that’s me! She reminded me that the last ten are really just vanity pounds. You’re healthy, happy, and in shape. As a result, these last few will require clean dieting and a commitment to your work outs. This work out thing I got but (long but) the diet thing is still a work in progress. I can’t really seem to get a handle on eating out or in social settings. I go all Cookie Monster except its food and booze monster.

This weekend I slipped and fell into some delicious Mac and cheese during Happy Hour. STOP. I think I’m going to limit myself to ONE happy hour per month. Okay, back to the weekend. My homie, A, had his 33rd birthday bar bash on Saturday. I told myself two drinks only ate super clean all day and had 900 calories available. Woo, thanks six mile run! Two turned into four and that turned into late night pizza with a side of carrots and spicy pistachios. BLARH! FAIL!


I guess that’s the big area to work on…. eating at parties or post bars – eek! I’m also playing around with my calories to get something that feels right based on my work out schedule and being healthy. I really liked the Fat2Fit podcast when it was online and they have a couple of great calculators. I’m going to use this one:
It places me at 1460- 1880 calories depending on activity which feels pretty reasonable.

Saturday I conquered the big SIX and it felt amazing. I felt confident and solid and just an overwhelming sense of HELL YEAH! It made me feel like I will ready to not only run the Brooklyn Half but rock it! It also got me even more excited to do the She is Beautiful 10k with my sister. I’m starting to get into race mode and dreaming about what other runs I’d love to do. I think I’m gonna need to add a race page to the old bloggy blog, ladies and gents. There’s a ZOOMA Napa half marathon in June and I think next year may be the year for that one.

This week will be hard. I have a relentless schedule with at least three 9 hour days but I’m determined to get my work outs into this lame-o schedule. We have three weeks of frosh programming lead by little ole me. It’s gonna be crazy but I will be so relieved when its over and then BAM it’s birthday time. I’m struggling with you, thirty three, I want to be excited but I also feel just lost. I don’t know what thirty three should look like but perhaps I thought it would be different. It’s overwhelming in a way and yet I feel crazy that I feel this way. I am beyond blessed but still thirty three is a little scary.

Alright Interwebbs, I need to prep for my crazy week. Thanks for listening to my adventures! What’s on your agenda for next week?


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