There should of also been a Footloose reference but it didn’t happen. Oh and I ran!

This morning I hit snooze for thirty minutes. It had to be done. I stand by my decision. Finally, I dragged my booty out of bed and against my will put on my running clothes. It was coldish, I was much too tired, and as a result I put on my adorbs Fila running jacket. Side bar, even in my sleep deprived state I knew that 10 minutes into my run I would regret this decision due to the fact I am a sweaty lil’ Mexican. This was one of those days where running was the absolute last thing I wanted to do. David Bowie helped some but I was still tired and didn’t really hit my stride. The 3.05 miles was completed and that’s all that really matters. Hashtag, beating everyone on the couch. Yeah…I don’t tweet but I like saying hashtag it makes me laugh. Plus, I need the frosh to think this old thirty something lady knows what’s she’s talking about.

I’m really itching to sign up for two other half marathons right now. I’ve done this one before and me and my sister had a ball! She did the 10k and I did the half – MERMAID RUN EAST BAY. It is the weekend before the Brooklyn Half though so that seems a little cray to the zee. I could scale back though and do the 10k which would be fun too. The other one is this bad boy – See Jane Run Alameda. They say SF but really this is an East Bay Run. Lies, I tell you.

I know…I know…I’m a maniac

It’s another long day of advising with my liberal arts bebes. This blog post is my short break before I jump into some committee work until 5ish. Eat my early old lady dinner and jump into advising until 8pm….sigh, make it stop. Tomorrow, is super cray because it will be 8-8 those bastards! They need to know about double majors so I’ll be hosting a little panel on that one. Nope, don’t make you more competitive for grad school or the work force. MYTH BUSTED!!! That’s a good portion of advising. Also freshmen don’t take advice from other freshman. WORD.

Tomorrow before my already mentioned twelve hour day I need to squeeze in my Wednesday last chance workout. BLARGH! Haven’t even looked to see what’s on my ondemand thing but I know there’s some workouts. Hopefully there’s some Jillian and we can call it a day. Also I’ve passed on two cookie opportunities and one donut opportunity so far this week. GO ME! It ends tomorrow – I’m having half a bagel because the morning meeting will be TERRIBLE and I deserve it! AGK!! Hate pointless time sucking meetings.

pug & bagel

Alright, I hope everyone’s workouts are going well and your work isn’t too cray!!

Let me know how life is going, Interwebbies!



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