Nobody puts Coffee in the corner. Sleeping in 1 – Working Out 0


I am exhausted. All you people that work 4 10s (4 days a week, 10 hours a day) no idea how you do it!!! Or if you just work multiple 10 hour days – you’re insane! I’m so tired and I have an 845 – 8pm today. No workout happened this morning and my hair is in a bun. A stylish bun but still. I slept in until 6:30 but my body just needed it.

My weigh in will be tomorrow and I did a Monday check in and was down so I’m really really hoping that’s still the case. I really want to work out tonight (last chance) but realistically not so sure that will happen. Tune in mañana, interwebbies to laugh or cry with me.

I treated myself to half a bagel with cream cheese. Reward for long long meeting… You know my love of bagels and soft cheese.

<img src="" alt="20140226-095418.jpg" class="alignnone size-full" /
Almost as much as I love Dirty Dancing and wine.

Ok, back to the mission at hand. Weekly weigh in peeps! Mosey over and say hola
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Wednesday Confessions
Applying and looking for jobs is beyond terrible. Why can’t someone just walk up and give me my dream job!!! Blargh!

I’m typing this post in a training. Don’t trip I’ve had it before and they’re out of coffee… Seriously, you bastards! I may run out at the break for more so I don’t die!!!! It could happen! Some people dehydrate, I decaffinate and it’s not pretty. I go all feral like raised in the wild… Rawr! True story.

I also have to buy my lunch today and need to keep the eating clean and tight. Which when you work on a college campus is NOT easy. I am surrounded by greasy pizza and burgers with fries…. Aghh!

Here’s some Hump Day Link Up!
There should be a photo of Ryan Gosling here but it didnt work out, yo. So use the old imagination.

Check out

Ok, back to pretending to be a grow up.


7 thoughts on “Nobody puts Coffee in the corner. Sleeping in 1 – Working Out 0

    • It does make me evaluate the session/meeting a little lower. Also for you to run out of coffee before 10:00am???? Poor planning. What would Mr. Carlson at Downton think? He would be appalled.

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