Whatta Blog, Whatta Blog, Whatta mighty mighty blog


(Ya know, like MTV Raps? I think they used a yo. Eh, I’m an old lady. These days MTV is all how I got preggos at 14 and cribs, where we teach about capitalism and materialistic values. End Rant.)
Gratuitous Music Video! Welcome to Hot Mess Musica Blogging!

Ok, ok back to the updates, the fitness, and the regularly programmed shenanigans.
I’ve worked over 30 hours in three days and this post is a labor of my lurve, interwebbies. All this frosh major programming is driving this College Adviser to the grave. Damn, and I’m not even at goal weight. Anyways, I had a la bomba panel on Double Majoring last night and of course it poured! Now don’t get me wrong, Cali is in major drought status and we need the rain. Like standing on the highway with a sign saying please spare a few raindrops. But students do NOT leave cozy dorm rooms in the rain. So count ’em 5 students. SAD FACE! It’s ok you don’t really need a double major but my poor panelists.
Weigh in Thursday, peeps. I was apprehensive as I’ve been working like a mad woman and there was no last chance workout in sight. My bod-day was calling for sleep, sleep, and more sleep. I stepped on that beast of the scale today and what!!! From 2/21 – to – today…wait drumroll… I lost -2.1 lbs! This was crazy. Part of it is last week I gained which may have been some bloat to the bloat. Woo woo!!!  I think as I increase my running mileage, our frenemie, the scale may be showing me a little grace. Only 5.6 more until goal!
MONDAY – 6:00AM Bar Method – brutal.
TUESDAY – 3.05 miles of torture
WEDNESDAY –  workout fail. No workout due to sheer exhausation
THURSDAY – 6:45pm Bar Method (I plan on leaving work at 4:00 today and getting a nap in prior)
FRIDAY – Rest day!
SATURDAY – 9:45 Bar Method and 2:00pm – 6.5 mile run…..BLARGH!
This week I’ve eaten out a TON! But I tried to really log my calories, pass on the donuts and cookies (2x) but say yes to a bagel. C’mon, it’s a bagel! But I did moderate other things as a result. Also I’ve been a coffee addict this week. Like, 24 ounces a day addict…it’s kinda cray but at least I’m getting the H20 into my system as well. I have to buy my lunch again (FAIL) as mentioned above I needed the sleep!!!!
Well you know…I’ve been filling the Interwebbies in on all the usual shenangins. I also have taken to checking my sources 2 – 3x  a week to see what’s out there (NADA). I’m blessed to have this job and going to work on being GRATEFUL!!!
On a final note, this is one of my power songs. What is a power song, you might ask? It’s the jam that helps you continue to run when you’re ready to give up all hope and just lay down on the dirty hobo covered asphalt. It’s the jam, that convinces you to keep moving and not put your face on that oh so nasty and dirty pavement.  It’s the jam that gives you the power to carry on and maybe sing a few lyrics and bring yourself back to the game….without further ado.
If you’re not running to Push It, you’re not running.

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