Hot dogs, achy thighs, and veggies on crack


I went to Bar Method last night and we had a different instructor, Casey. She usually teaches at a different studio and BOY! SHE IS AWESOME! Omg, I laughed so hard and got a kick ass work out with her. My thighs today are so sore – BLARGH! Kinda sad that she’s not a regular instructor. She referenced Miley Cyrus and way too many hilarious things that it made class super fun. Dontcha love that when you have an instructor that’s hard-core yet fun and good times?? It works for me. We did this pretzel exercise that I totes have a love/hate relationship with. See below but keep in mind you’re moving that back leg up and out or one or the other and tightening your core. It’s just pain! Pain, people! Apparently it’s the your body changing pain but it’s still pain.


I also really want to be one of those people that can just run 5 miles. Like that’s their short run….those crazy bastards. I WANT TO BE ONE OF YOU!!! Sigh, it’s looking like my 6.5 this weekend will be in the rain. Ugh, California needs the rain but I am like a cat when it comes to running in the rain. I will make it happen because it’s for Brooklyn, baby!

Any race with hot dogs at the end sounds fabulous!!!

My goal for next week is to eat CLEAN!!! Eating on campus and out all week has been hard. I’ve stayed within my calories most days but the kind of food I’ve been eating is less than stellar. It’s time to bring back eggs, yams, kale, and the tomatoes. Bring back the veggies & fruits! We’ll see how the scale tips on Thursday but I need to bring back some whole foods.

I apologize that these veggies are so scary. They look like drug addict veggies…maybe they’re just GMO….ewhh. Anyways, you get the picture. Especially after lunch included french fries and a lamb shwarma sandwich.

As we head into Old Lady Birthday Month, my first gift to myself will be this:


I’m hoping there’s some jams to add to the March playlist (6.5 – 8.5). I’ve really enjoyed my Feb playlist and should probably post about that but the damn top button on my iphone is broken. Hence I can’t take screenshots. It’s annoying but not as annoying as going into the Verizon store where instead of helping me they just try to sell me crap. Seriously! They suck! Not as bad as Comcast but close!


This image should be a button but it’s not. FAIL. So just hop on over to ALG, uninterrupted and check out the links!

It’s Friday so relax and plan your weekend workouts! I’m trying to not eat Mac & Cheese and if I do…well it’s Friday.

What’s your weekend workout plan, Interwebbies?




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