Monday….there’s no time for a clever title…just pour me more coffee


I took the weekend off, Interwebs. I was still beyond tired from work but managed to get my fit on.

Saturday morning I hit up bar method and works the booty and thighs. Painful. Headed home for some famila time with my Dad and sister. Managed to find a dry part of the day and put in a slow 6.5 miles. There was no walking but I really really wanted too! Prince came in with little red corvette and I made that last mile happen! Sunday, I met up with my walking home girl and we did a leisurely 4.8 and treated ourselves to some Blue Bottle Coffee (my fav)!
Eating wise lets just say all the stress and tiredness made its way to my mouth and my eating was not on point. Blergh! Sunday I ate cleaner but ate A LOT! This week I gotta reign it in !!!
I have 5 million things to do today but am feeling rested and have my bar class for later so take that Monday!
Ok, lets talk cellulite and stretch marks. I’ve got a little of both despite only being like 20 lbs or so heavier in law school. (Oh yeah, this lbg fought the law and the law won) The stretchies are really only in the tummy area and I’ve been putting jojoba oil or vitamin E oil post shower to help as I bring back fit! I think it’s helping a little bit. Anyways everyone has a little something or other so just love your body and sunblock and moisturize!!!
I’m not sure what the scale will say this week after my weekend of munch and snack-itis so we’ll just focus on today.

MONDAY – Bar Method 6:45pm
TUESDAY – 3.5 mile run
WEDNESDAY – Bar Method 6:45pm
SATURDAY – 7 miles – WHOAH!
SUNDAY – 4:15pm Bar Method

I am getting my hair did on Saturday!! HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! BRINGING BACK THE OMBRE. This is important because I must get my long run in before my 11:00am appt. I like to not wash my hair after I dye my hair to really let the dye set. Yet as we all know when I run my head gets MAD SWEATY. I’m gonna be in SJ so this will be a new running location, I plan to head over to the middle school track near my Mom’s to get this crazy run on. Hopefully my sister will join me and get her walk on!


One of my OMBRE photos!
Unexpected new jam for March Playlist. I heard this in Bar class and was like “OMG, must be added to the March Playlist!”

Also in other Running News, I just registered for the MERMAID RUN EAST BAY!!! Yep, officially CRAZY BUT SO EXCITED!


OK peeps, Happy Monday! Try and make it possible!
Keep me posted on what your cray cray week looks like!

One thought on “Monday….there’s no time for a clever title…just pour me more coffee

  1. sounds like you had a good weekend! i’ve heard so much about the blue coffee but i can’t seem to find it in canada. probably another one of those things where they don’t ship to canada because everyone seems to hate canada!

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