I think I’m being punked by Wednesday & Monday….TEQUILA!

Dear Wednesday,

You started out totally crappy by making me and my boyfriend fight last night into this morning. It’s 2:50ish and I am exhausted but my booty still needs to work out. I really think you need to pull it together and shape up because you’re looking like a shitty Monday. You’re feeling like a mountain not a goddamn hump.
your friend lbg

Weigh In Wednesday

If you’re new – HOLA! If not, you know I weigh in on Thursday but its weigh fun to be a part of this link up! C’mon I made a little pun! Weigh, WAY??? Insert Pee-Wee Herman laugh here.
pee wee

Now that I’ve frightened off any new interweb friends….let’s talk about the FIT! Monday my tummy exploded and there was ZERO working out. Tuesday, I attended a morning Bar Method class and thankfully my guts cooperated. Tonight, it’s all about the Bar Method baby for a little last chance workout. Thursday, I’m hoping to do my short run aka missed workout due to illness. I really need to get my fit on later since I just pigged out at the Majors Faire for frosh. We held it in the dining commons so this College Adviser made the rounds….which I regret. Sigh, surrounded by food is just not a good option for me. A good blogger would have taken photos but sadly, peeps I am not. No one wants to see the snack-fest that this Majors Faire turned into for me. The things I do for freshmen. Graduate on time, people!

I am thinking the scale will kick my ass this week….it’s a sucky prediction but that’s where my Vegas money is at.

Wouldn’t of it been fun to have seen a little pug gambling….hmmm….ok, next time. My goal for this less than superb Wednesday is to just throw back the water to cleanse from my lunch, workout, and wash my laundry. Yea, the boyfriend fight totally killed the laundry plan but luckily I have an emergency pair of workout pants (aka ones I don’t love but will do if need be).

In other news, I am so looking forward to my hair appointment!! Seriously, nothing is MORE RELAXING. Every night I take a quick look at the crack that is pinterest for Ombre Hair to see if there are any new photos that I am digging. I hope you all have a fabulous hair lady or dude that just makes you feel like you are in heaven since it’s hell to have your hair did and realize it is the opposite of anything beautiful and good.


Alright, let’s pull it together and get some work done.

Hopefully, your Wednesday is going better than mine. If it isn’t …this is for you!

Happy or Crappy Wednesday Lurve!


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